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Icecream Sunday

Sunny skies and balmy temperatures made a trip to Gelato Messina a non-negotiable today. Since I moved from the area, I’ve been missing its insane flavours, such as Pavlova (above, top scoop) and Salted Caramel & White Chocolate (above, bottom scoop). I loved the raspberry swirl, passionfruit pulp and crunchy meringue pieces in Pavlova. The […]

KitKat of the week

With a name like Espresso Coffee you’d expect this KitKat to taste intensely like coffee but it’s actually very subtle (maybe the coffee flavour is quietened down by the white chocolate coating). With its creamy vanilla taste, maybe “Flat White” or “Vanilla Latte” would have been better names? But no doubt about it, it’s yum. […]

Crunchy crunch

“Ehhhhh? Nani kore? (What on earth is that??)” we all asked Charlotte when she brought a container of this snack in to work. A ramen dessert? Yep, it’s Crunchy Ramen and White Chocolate slice; she found the recipe in a Japanese sweets cookbook, and it’s totemo oishi! Just break up some uncooked instant ramen into […]

The Meiji revolution

“I’ll show you flavours,” iconic chocolate giant Meiji is saying to KitKat with their super-bright range of Rich Banana, Pistachio and Strawberry flavoured white chocolate. The actual chocolate is coloured banana yellow, pistachio green and strawberry pink, and the flavours are intense! Great if you are a fan of white chocolate.