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Cute loot

Junior high school students by day, these kawaii characters transform into super-heroes to protect the world from the evil ‘Labyrinth’ in the anime series Fresh Pretty Cure! I picked up the mobile phone charms at a toy store in Osaka Ko. On the weekend I also picked up a Spock kewpie charm after watching the […]

Crafty candy

It’s no wonder Japan is a nation of foodies when they begin culinary pursuits at such an early age. Kids’ make-your-own-candy sets allow them to be the owner of a sushi shop, ice-cream parlor, fast-food restaurant, bento store… Just mix the sachets inside with a little water and they become a sweeter, more edible version […]

Open your (mini) tray table

“Well, folks, we’ve reached cruising altitude, and it’s time to commence your meal service for today’s flight, a codeshare between Japan’s Samurai Airlines and India’s Namaste Airlines. The Japanese lunch includes chirashi sushi [sushi toppings scattered over rice], seasoned vegetables, soba with dipping sauce and strawberry sponge cake, while the Indian lunch features curries with […]