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Japanese sandwiches

I made these teddy-bear sandwiches after ordering some bento-making supplies from this eBay store. The cookie cutters make sandwiches in teddy-bear, bunny and flower shapes. Above are the teddy-bears, pictured with the bright yellow cutter. The flower sandwiches and flower-shaped cutter. You just cut the bread with one side of the cutter then use the […]

Pan-tastic 2

Last time they had the turtle melon roll, and now at the cutest pan-ya (bakery) in Osaka you can find the teddy bear pan (bread roll)… the panda cake… and the chocora neko (chocolate cat). Every time you visit this place they have a few cute surprises. It’s in Osaka Umeda station, in between the […]

Teddy bear chic

In America Mura, Osaka.