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Aren’t we cute?

A rainy day at work was cutened up considerably when my workmate Charlotte (who lists ‘cake’ as her favourite food) ran over to my desk with an exciting discovery. “There’s a new vending machine downstairs. It’s a CAKE VENDING MACHINE!” [deep breath] “And the cakes have ANIMAL FACES ON THEM!” Just when I thought vending […]

Lemon kiss

I was a bit late to discover this lemon-flavoured Valentine’s KitKat, which comes in a special box so you can share half with your Valentine. Open it from the back and eat one of the two individually wrapped packs, then write a message in the space provided, tear along the dotted lines and reseal the […]

KitKat flavour no. 7394829

With omoshiroi (interesting) flavours like Daigaku Imo (university sweet potato), original KitKat stands no chance. Daigaku Imo is a deep-fried sweet potato snack popular with uni students because it’s cheap and high-cal. The KitKat version has a white chocolate coating with sweet potato and black sesame flavoured cream. Some of my other flavour faves include […]