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Year of the pig

I guess swine flu fears have completely disappeared now that cute pig-related products are back on the market. This little piggy is from Anderson Danish bakery in Daimaru depato, Shinsaibashi. The pastry head was filled with raisins, and the pig was sitting on a pool of ‘mud’ (chocolate) on top of a custard-filled danish.

The waffle sand

Fruit-and-ice-cream-filled crepes are huge in Japan, but one cafe in the MIO shopping mall in Tennoji decided there was room on the market for another cream, fruit and pastry-based concoction: The Waffle Sand. (Sometimes in Japan they say ‘sand’ instead of ‘sandwich’.) Take one freshly griddled waffle, fill with strawberries, strawberry jam and strawberry sauce, […]

Crunchy crunch

“Ehhhhh? Nani kore? (What on earth is that??)” we all asked Charlotte when she brought a container of this snack in to work. A ramen dessert? Yep, it’s Crunchy Ramen and White Chocolate slice; she found the recipe in a Japanese sweets cookbook, and it’s totemo oishi! Just break up some uncooked instant ramen into […]

KitKat of the week

My pick of the KitKats this week is sakuranbo (cherry) Through The Break, a special music collaboration KitKat! Inside the box you’ll find a secret code which allows you to download three songs by new J-Pop band Through The Break. Just go to the official KitKat website, type in the code and download the music […]

Let us eat cake

French gateaux are mecha (very, very) popular in Japan, and none more so than a chestnut cream cake called a monburan (Mont Blanc). Named after the highest mountain in France, the original version consists of a mini sponge cake topped with chestnut cream, then covered in strands of chestnut puree until it’s as high as […]

Salty surprise

“Very refreshing!” exclaims the packaging of Meiji Salty Crunch chocolate. “A mix of salty candy and milk chocolate!” This isn’t the first Japanese candy to combine chocolate and salt, but it must be one of the most successful; the tiny salt crystals give an unusual extra dimension to the chocolate, without overpowering it. The verdict: […]