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Plastic fantastic

I love plastic food! Here is a mango parfait, strawberry parfait and purin parfait (creme caramel) from a cafe in Namba Walk. And some delicious looking shaved ice desserts.

Berry yum

Last week, 4000 high schools in Osaka and Kobe were closed to prevent the shingata influenza (new flu) spreading among teenagers. The government also banned school students from working their part-time jobs and from eating in public. This, coupled with the official health department advice, ‘Do not leave your house for non-urgent purposes’, meant that […]

Cherry on top

This ice-cream sundae wooden button from Craft World, Namba Parks, is sweet enough to eat. They call sundaes ‘parfaits’ over here, like in France. ‘Parfait’ is French for ‘perfect’, which sounds pretty accurate.

Parfait amour

I saw these ridiculously pretty parfaits (they call ‘sundaes’ ‘parfaits’ over here) at Takashimaya department store. They were called “Shirley Temples”. I love the combination of crepe, berries, ice-cream and creme caramel.