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These donut themed tape dispensers are a must-have for any sweet-toothed stationary addict. Available in caramel, strawberry and vanilla flavours. Warning: may cause serious Mister Donut/Krispy Kreme/Donut King cravings.

Fakin’ the bakin’

Plastic food displays outside restaurants can be a little scary but it was hard to walk through Kyoto Station without drooling  last month when this display of cream-filled cakes appeared, advertising a nearby cafe. If there were Academy Awards for plastic cakes, they would surely take the you-know-what.

Strawberry season

According to the Japanese calendar, Spring has started, although it’s the beginning of Feb and still mitten & scarf weather. Fresh strawberries have hit supermarkets, and to coincide, a new crop of strawberry flavoured sweets have appeared at conbinis (convenience stores). All the packaging is bari-kawaii (Osaka-speak for ‘very cute’).