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Summer Pocky

The popular Tsubu Tsubu variety of Pocky is back, in Strawberry (above) and Apple Yogurt (below). Tsubu tsubu translates as ‘granulated’ or ‘lumpy’ but here it means ‘pieces’, so Tsubu Tsubu Ichigo (strawberry) has real pieces of strawberry inside the chocolate coating. In fact, it says it consists of 28% strawberry flesh or juice! Healthy […]

The waffle sand

Fruit-and-ice-cream-filled crepes are huge in Japan, but one cafe in the MIO shopping mall in Tennoji decided there was room on the market for another cream, fruit and pastry-based concoction: The Waffle Sand. (Sometimes in Japan they say ‘sand’ instead of ‘sandwich’.) Take one freshly griddled waffle, fill with strawberries, strawberry jam and strawberry sauce, […]

Foodie fashionables

Tokyo brand Q-Pot makes the cutest foodie jewellery and they have an online store! A little on the exy side (the strawberry macaroon ring is ¥3780 – A$50) but kawaii ne? (cute, right?) The hamburger necklaces work as charm necklaces; buy the basic hamburger then pay extra for charms such as ‘avocado slice’, ‘bacon’, ‘fried […]

Soy sauce ice-cream?

There are millions of ice-cream flavours based on candy (MnM, snickers, honeycomb…) but how about candy based on ice-cream flavours? 3 色 ソフト is 3 colours of soft ice-cream flavoured chocolate. The white flavour is 醤油ミルク (soy sauce milk), the pink flavour is イチゴソフト (strawberry soft cream) and the chocolate flavour is ココソフト (cocoa soft […]

Let us eat cake

French gateaux are mecha (very, very) popular in Japan, and none more so than a chestnut cream cake called a monburan (Mont Blanc). Named after the highest mountain in France, the original version consists of a mini sponge cake topped with chestnut cream, then covered in strands of chestnut puree until it’s as high as […]

The Meiji revolution

“I’ll show you flavours,” iconic chocolate giant Meiji is saying to KitKat with their super-bright range of Rich Banana, Pistachio and Strawberry flavoured white chocolate. The actual chocolate is coloured banana yellow, pistachio green and strawberry pink, and the flavours are intense! Great if you are a fan of white chocolate.