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Kawaii Kitty

Hello Kitty fans, listen up! If you’re in Osaka, there’s a Crash Hello Kitty Fair in Namba department store Marui 0101, with limited edition collector’s products made by top Japanese designers. If you’re not in Osaka, you can join in the fun online! I picked up a cute mug of an umbrella-swinging Kitty, and was […]

Sayonara sakura

The last of spring’s cherry blossoms have fallen, as evidenced by the green leaves on the cherry trees and petals floating down canals and rivers in Kyoto. But sakura-flavoured products are still alive and well, like this cherry-blossom scented Hello Kitty TP, decorated with pink blossoms and a winking Hello Kitty.

Cheesecake Kitty

For a while I was convinced that collecting Gotochi Hello Kitty (mini Kitty charms from different places in Japan) was a dangerous habit that could only end in disapproving sighs from other members of the household and potential bankruptcy. But then I saw Kobe Cheesecake Kitty (above) and decided to take it up regardless. The […]