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Sweet escape

Summer’s so close you can taste it… literally! Limited-edition summer Pocky flavours have arrived. ‘Coconut’ is TDF; milk chocolate and toasted coconut meet crunchy cookie stick. Nevermind that summer in Japanese cities is humid, muggy and really not that pleasant, take one bite of these and you’re poolside on a tropical island, sipping a Mai […]

Man candy

Are you man enough for “For men” candy? Consisting of bitter, dark chocolate and more blokey packaging, ‘men’s’ varieties of chocolate are ideal if you don’t like the super-sweet, sugary varieties of Pocky and Toppo.

Pocky perfection

Strawberry Pocky is one thing, but Strawberry Shortcake Pocky Dessert is entirely another. The Dessert range is like the equivalent of a Double Coat Tim Tam, taking the popular chocolate sticks to a whole new level. Triple-coated in white chocolate, then drizzled with rich strawberry chocolate, they are perfect for dessert, breakfast, anytime…

Strawberry season

According to the Japanese calendar, Spring has started, although it’s the beginning of Feb and still mitten & scarf weather. Fresh strawberries have hit supermarkets, and to coincide, a new crop of strawberry flavoured sweets have appeared at conbinis (convenience stores). All the packaging is bari-kawaii (Osaka-speak for ‘very cute’).