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Toy storey

I have so many tiny toys from Japan and they all need places to hang out. So tonight while I was waiting for friends to come around I arranged my favourite mini toys into display shelves (with various ‘storeys’). A lot of them are erasers – the pink ice-cream cone, sandwich and colourful characters are […]

Ume udon

This ume (sour plum) udon salad appeared in the supermarket last week. The kit included PINK udon (sour plum), dashi dressing, nori, sesame, this white, gooey potato stuff and a red umeboshi (pickled plum). How cute are pink udon? Ta daa 🙂 To be honest, I am not that big a fan of umeboshi because […]

Strawberry fabulous

Strawberry macaroons: what’s been missing from decadent cream-filled cakes… until NOW! This OTT but TDF cake is from Sogo department store. It was a special for Mother’s day.

Let us eat cake

French gateaux are mecha (very, very) popular in Japan, and none more so than a chestnut cream cake called a monburan (Mont Blanc). Named after the highest mountain in France, the original version consists of a mini sponge cake topped with chestnut cream, then covered in strands of chestnut puree until it’s as high as […]

Sakura Saturday

Cherry blossom cakes from Hanshin department store, Umeda. Shortbread cases filled with cherry-blossom cream, decorated with delicate pink chocolate ‘petals’.

Sweet hearts

In my two days in Seoul, I saw (and, okay, ate) about a gazillion heart-shaped donuts, cakes, brownies, cookies, honeycomb lollipops… everything was heart-shaped! Koreans love kawaii things (there is a Korean fashion label called “Teenie Weenie Bear” which features a tiny teddy bear imprint, like the Lacoste crocodile, on every item of clothing). The […]