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Soup-er cute

The biggest question when preparing Mug cup noodles is………… panda faces or puppy faces????? The panda one is seafood flavoured soup, the puppy one is consomme and soy flavoured soup. The animal faces are made of fish paste I think. I tried Mug in Japan, but I recently found it in a Japanese store in […]

Pan-tastic 2

Last time they had the turtle melon roll, and now at the cutest pan-ya (bakery) in Osaka you can find the teddy bear pan (bread roll)… the panda cake… and the chocora neko (chocolate cat). Every time you visit this place they have a few cute surprises. It’s in Osaka Umeda station, in between the […]


This is from Cafe Jojo, in Namba, Osaka, a place that I first went to with Mads from Lovegeek last year. She was overjoyed to discover they had soy milk and I was overjoyed to discover they made Totoro coffees. Last week Charlotte and I tried the Panda and the Totoro, while flicking through a […]


At Cafe JoJo, near Yotsubashi station, Osaka, you can choose one of these designs for the top of your cappuccino or mochaccino. The bottom middle one is a rabbit pounding mochi (in the moon). It’s what Japanese people see when they look at the moon. Bottom right is Totoro from Studio Ghibli. I went yesterday […]

Hello panda

Hello Kitty ditches Mimmy’s cookies for bamboo and dons her cutest panda suit to promote this cola-float flavoured candy.