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Sweet Osaka

I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Japan – skiing in Fukushima, eating cakes decorated like bears in Osaka, sightseeing in Tokyo and catching up with lovely friends. First on my list was stalking the patisserie level of Takashimaya, Osaka, to check out all the adorable new-year cakes. Some were bunny themed, for the Chinese […]

Have your cake and win it

Osaka, Japan: When Charlotte told me she’d found a skill tester machine for cakes, I was excited, but not anywhere near as excited as I would have been if I’d known what was in store (I pictured a lone machine with a few pre-packaged cakes inside, nothing like the baked cheesecakes above – yours with […]

Osaka snap

These two kawaii girls were walking around Namba, Osaka, a few weeks ago, working candy-pop brights and cute accessories! Loved the Reebok Freestyles with sweet rainbow laces. Bright and fun Reeboks were super popular in Osaka, I saw sunshine-yellow, bubblegum-pink, mint-green, lilac and sky-blue, and they made outfits look so cute 🙂

The Rilakkuma store

New to Osaka’s Umeda is the Rilakkuma Store! It’s filled with thousands of Rilakkuma (Relax Bear) products and is always crowded (mainly with girls, coz most of Rilakkuma’s fans are women). In true Rilakkuma fashion, most of the plushies (above) appeared to be napping. The mugs are so cute, you can buy your birthday month. […]

Sakura Saturday

Cherry blossom cakes from Hanshin department store, Umeda. Shortbread cases filled with cherry-blossom cream, decorated with delicate pink chocolate ‘petals’.

Sakura Sunday

Sorry I missed Sakura Saturday ! It was thanks to a mishap involving a pink cherry-blossom cream cake from Takashimaya, my bicycle basket and a few bumps on the ride home. Instead, these are cherry blossom buns from a bakery, filled with sakura mochi (sweet sticky rice) and decorated with a cherry blossom flower.