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Grin and bear it

While I was in Tokyo, Mister Donut had some adorable donut specials, such as their “Angel Teddy Pan”, which I thought was Rilakkuma at first. It came in caramel, strawberry or chocolate and I tried caramel. Filled with whipped cream and coated with caramel icing, he’s not as innocent as he looks! They also had […]

Mister Tofu

Tofu donuts are new at Mister Donut! This tofu ‘Pon de Ring’ donut is covered in kinako sugar and black sesame. 🙂 The sign says “Tofu x Pon De Ring” (I only just realised the white squares are tofu). Pon De Ring is one of Mister Donut’s signature donuts. Usually this donut is so light […]

Donut burgers

Mister Donut and Mos Burger have collaborated to make two super cute Donut Burgers! The donut burger with ‘tomato sauce’ is made of a chocolate crunch ‘patty’, strawberry whip, strawberry sauce and two donut halfs and the donut burger with green sauce is made of a chocolate crunch ‘patty’, green tea whip, green tea sauce […]

Mmm… Mister Donut

If you like your donuts as deep-fried as KFC, Mister Donut is not for you. Japan’s ichiban (no. 1) donut provider serves up donuts so light and fluffy they taste kinda like whipped air. Maybe this is why customers heap donuts onto their trays till they’re higher than Mt Fuji. My current faves include French […]