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Rose KitKat

Open new Rose KitKat’s pink wrapper and it looks like any normal KitKat. Take a bite and at first it tastes like any normal KitKat. The difference? The milk chocolate is scented with rose. You don’t notice it straight away but then the flowery scent hits you. My reaction was, “Eugh! It tastes like soap!” […]


Despite the pretty packaging, I wasn’t expecting Jasmine Tea Kit Kat to impress me much (especially after the disappointing, overly sweet Brown Tea variety), but as soon as I opened the plastic wrapper I could smell the fresh, summery fragrance of jasmine flowers. Wow! Then I tasted it. OMG. It tastes just like a cup […]

KitKat flavours no. 7394830 and 7394831

KitKat flavour no. 7394829

With omoshiroi (interesting) flavours like Daigaku Imo (university sweet potato), original KitKat stands no chance. Daigaku Imo is a deep-fried sweet potato snack popular with uni students because it’s cheap and high-cal. The KitKat version has a white chocolate coating with sweet potato and black sesame flavoured cream. Some of my other flavour faves include […]