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KitKats of the week – guest review!!

In exciting news, this week’s KitKats were reviewed by an extra special guest! Can you guess which multi-talented food/music/homewares blogger it is? Muscat of Alexandria (above) There is something hilariously grand about this name (you could imagine it as an old sandals-and-swords epic movie starring Charlton Heston) even though it’s a humble grape. The light-green […]

KitKat of the week

These tiny nuggets of KitKat are chocolate and kinako (toasted soy bean flour) flavour. Kinako is often sprinkled on top of Japanese desserts such as mochi. It tastes a bit like peanut butter.

KitKat of the week

KitKat Apple Vinegar: apple-flavoured white chocolate and apple-vinegar cream. I’ve just discovered KitKat Cookpad – a website where people email in recipes they have made from KitKats! The best recipes win special KitKat prizes. Type in KitKat ‘Apple Vinegar’ and you’ll find recipes for KitKat Apple Vinegar soda bread, KitKat Apple Vinegar soy milk mousse, […]

KitKat of the week

My pick of the KitKats this week is sakuranbo (cherry) Through The Break, a special music collaboration KitKat! Inside the box you’ll find a secret code which allows you to download three songs by new J-Pop band Through The Break. Just go to the official KitKat website, type in the code and download the music […]


Despite the pretty packaging, I wasn’t expecting Jasmine Tea Kit Kat to impress me much (especially after the disappointing, overly sweet Brown Tea variety), but as soon as I opened the plastic wrapper I could smell the fresh, summery fragrance of jasmine flowers. Wow! Then I tasted it. OMG. It tastes just like a cup […]