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Gunji Yusuke

When I was in Tokyo, I visited Harajuku’s cool WALL store at LaForet. Inside the shop there was a young guy wearing a backpack talking to a group of friends. Meanwhile, I noticed the staff unpacking a cute new zine so I asked how much it was. They said to wait a minute, coz the […]

Ume udon

This ume (sour plum) udon salad appeared in the supermarket last week. The kit included PINK udon (sour plum), dashi dressing, nori, sesame, this white, gooey potato stuff and a red umeboshi (pickled plum). How cute are pink udon? Ta daa 🙂 To be honest, I am not that big a fan of umeboshi because […]

Addicted to… LOFT!

These mugs from LOFT say “Way to go!”, “What’s up!” and “So happy”. Animal cutting boards. The amazing, so-strong-they-never-need-sharpening ceramic knives! ‘Coloured-pencil’ chopsticks! Cow saucepan (from the makers of the Frying Pan-da). The homewares level of LOFT is one of the cutest places on earth.

KitKat of the week

KitKat Apple Vinegar: apple-flavoured white chocolate and apple-vinegar cream. I’ve just discovered KitKat Cookpad – a website where people email in recipes they have made from KitKats! The best recipes win special KitKat prizes. Type in KitKat ‘Apple Vinegar’ and you’ll find recipes for KitKat Apple Vinegar soda bread, KitKat Apple Vinegar soy milk mousse, […]

Spring chickens

Cakes decorated as chickens and bunnies to celebrate spring, from the food level of Hanshin Department store in Umeda, Osaka.