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KitKat Framboise

Milk chocolate KitKat with a raspberry-cream and ‘natural cheese’ filling, to replicate the flavour of a raspberry cheese cake. I couldn’t really taste the cheesecake part (on the pack it says it’s 1.7% natural cheese) but the raspberry flavour is intense and delicious! Love 🙂

Jolly good

Royal Milk Tea is a ready-made milky tea drink that’s so popular in Japan. It tastes like tea with milk but it’s very sweet and a bit spicy, like chai. I loved buying it chilled in bottles from vending machines. When my friend Asha came to Japan she developed such an addiction to it that […]

Pudding part deux

While on the subject of the Japanese obsession with purin (pudding/creme caramel), this KitKat Purin was one of the first cool KitKats I tried in Japan, in May 2008.

Ginger ale KitKat

The star ginger product at this time of year is of course gingerbread, but I was almost as excited by this Ginger Ale KitKat as by the countless adorable gingerbread houses on Flickr (like this CUTE one, or this SWEET one, or this fairyland) Anyway, Ginger Ale KitKat, huh??? How’s that gonna work? It’s a […]

KitKat comp!

I’m always going on about Japanese KitKats, but they’re hard to find if you’re not in Japan, so I’ve decided to give some away in a KitKat comp! Just leave a comment below, stating what you think would be a cool new KitKat flavour. The best answer will receive five different flavours of KitKat mini […]