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Oh yes I did…

…score another sweeeeeeeet Japanese KitKat! This one’s courtesy of the lovely Jess from Tokyo, of super-cool blog She Says Brief Things This KitKat is Kinako Ohagi (toasted soy flour and sweet rice ball) and it contains mochi rice crisps inside the milk chocolate coating. Inside was yummy-yum kinako powder (the flavour’s a little similar to […]

Enjoy your crunky time

Crunky is probably one of the best Japanese chocolates ever. Not just because of its name, but because of its crispy, crunchy, toasted malty-puffy texture (like Nestle Crunch) and yum flavours (like Happy Strawberry or Green Tea Matcha Shake). I tried this Okinawa Black Sugar Crunky just before I left Osaka and it was so […]

KitKat of the week

Another refreshing summer KitKat flavour… Mango Purin (mango pudding) Love the vivid mango coloured chocolate! It’s also filled with mango cream inside the wafers. Wow! This KitKat tastes just like summer in the tropics. Mango pudding is a yummy summer dessert in Japan. Purin is the name for pudding-like desserts often sold in transparent plastic […]