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Tiny treats

I love Tirol chocolates because they are bite-size and coz they always come in exciting flavours. When I was in Fukushima I tried “Tiramisu” and “Wine”. First I tried the tiramisu flavour. I was impressed with the neat layers, the cocoa powder and the coffee-y/liqueur-y scent. Such attention to detail! Tiramisu translates well into chocolate […]

Choc and awe

I’ve seen this Japanese chocolate snack so many times but have never tried it. It’s an unusual shape and size for a chocolate bar (similar to a CD)… I think that made me think it was gimmicky rather than yummy. But I was wrong. It’s crunchy corn flakes mixed with milk chocolate – it sounds […]

Creme de la creme caramel

How could anyone say no to these teeny tiny, adorably wobbly-looking creme caramel chocolates? As a creme caramel addict, and sucker for cute packaging, there was no way I was leaving them on the shelf (of Miracle supermarket). In the top right corner it says ‘smooth pudding choco’. Oops, I forgot how everything is individually […]

Candy magic!

Candy that performs a magic trick? Yep, I hesitated for a whole eighth of a second before I snapped up this pack of Changing? Candy. I love the pop-art style design as well as the concept. Made by Japanese snack company Kanro, the Changing? Candy comes in three flavours which, of course, mysteriously transform into a […]

Parfait a la mode

It was time to open the Japanese LOOK chocolate from Meg and Fujie. It is a special flavour – Parfait A La Mode. There are four flavours of parfait – can you read them? Strawberry Parfait, Caramel Banana Parfait, Maccha Milk Parfait and Chocolate Parfait. The back of the pack shows what’s inside the chocolate. […]

KitKat comp!

I’m always going on about Japanese KitKats, but they’re hard to find if you’re not in Japan, so I’ve decided to give some away in a KitKat comp! Just leave a comment below, stating what you think would be a cool new KitKat flavour. The best answer will receive five different flavours of KitKat mini […]