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Grin and bear it

While I was in Tokyo, Mister Donut had some adorable donut specials, such as their “Angel Teddy Pan”, which I thought was Rilakkuma at first. It came in caramel, strawberry or chocolate and I tried caramel. Filled with whipped cream and coated with caramel icing, he’s not as innocent as he looks! They also had […]

Yum ‘cha’

At the Starbucks in LOFT at Shinsaibashi, Osaka, we tried a matcha latte, chai latte and an earl-grey-and-pear tart (earl grey flavoured filling and crust). It was my first-ever matcha latte!! Why haven’t I tried it before???? This girl’s shopping bag was awesome. The very best matcha latte is at Doutor !! I love drinking […]

Sweet Osaka

I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Japan – skiing in Fukushima, eating cakes decorated like bears in Osaka, sightseeing in Tokyo and catching up with lovely friends. First on my list was stalking the patisserie level of Takashimaya, Osaka, to check out all the adorable new-year cakes. Some were bunny themed, for the Chinese […]

Crazy fun candy

How awesome are Puccho candies. With their rainbow bright, super-cute packaging and endless range of imaginative flavours, they are totally Willy Wonka inspired. These flavours are “Soda” and “Miracle”. The Miracle flavour was definitely miraculous!!! Each gummy candy has flavour stripes on the outside and jelly beans inside! The white part is yogurt flavour. Waaahhhhh […]

If the world had cookies

The kawaii cutters I bought on eBay from Shop Sukiyaki to make teddy bear sandwich bentos came in handy the other day when I made shortbread cookies. For these type of cookie cutters, there are two parts to the process. Take the Hello Kitty variety. First, use one of the parts to make the impression […]

90210 kewpie

First there was the Spock kewpie, and now there’s the Dylan McKay/Luke Perry kewpie! I picked up this phone charm at Junkudo book store, Namba, Osaka. They made the tiny dolls for only two characters from the original 90210, Dylan and Kelly. This is what the Kelly one looks like.They also made some movie characters […]