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Icecream Sunday

Yesterday was definitely icecream weather (I think it got to 30 degrees) so I treated myself to Rockmelon Gelato (served in a real rockmelon shell!), $7, at Camp Cove beach. It was the best $7 I’ve spent in a while – the flavour was identical to rockmelon, so it was like scooping from a chilled […]

Challenge the triple

Right now at Baskin-Robbins you can get a triple for the price of the double! They stack the icecream scoops directly on top of each other so a triple icecream cone looks like the image. You can’t NOT try the flavour of the month, it’s tea icecream, with swirls of jam and pieces of scone […]

Soda float icecream

New ice-creams have arrived for summer! 🙂 This is ‘Soda Float’ by Lotte. It promises to be ‘refreshing and exhilarating’. Soda floats, cola floats and melon floats are so popular in Japan. KFC has great melon floats; honeydew flavour soft drink with a scoop of ice-cream floating on top. While on the subject of Japanese […]

Berry yum

Last week, 4000 high schools in Osaka and Kobe were closed to prevent the shingata influenza (new flu) spreading among teenagers. The government also banned school students from working their part-time jobs and from eating in public. This, coupled with the official health department advice, ‘Do not leave your house for non-urgent purposes’, meant that […]

Sweet kicks

Designed in rainbow sherbet colours, the new Freestyle Frosty Treats range of Reebok hi-tops are out of control. I spotted them in stores in Seoul and also in Korean Elle Girl April 2009.

Parfait amour

I saw these ridiculously pretty parfaits (they call ‘sundaes’ ‘parfaits’ over here) at Takashimaya department store. They were called “Shirley Temples”. I love the combination of crepe, berries, ice-cream and creme caramel.