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Ice magic

I miss Japan’s amazing ice-cream vending machines. they offer every flavour you can imagine (above is, left to right, grape sherbet, juicy muscat, chunky mandarin, matcha, chocolate mascarpone, choc nut crunch) for just a few coins. But here’s an exciting *scoop* from my friend Sarah, Ben & Jerry’s is opening a store in Manly in […]

Soy sauce ice-cream?

There are millions of ice-cream flavours based on candy (MnM, snickers, honeycomb…) but how about candy based on ice-cream flavours? 3 色 ソフト is 3 colours of soft ice-cream flavoured chocolate. The white flavour is 醤油ミルク (soy sauce milk), the pink flavour is イチゴソフト (strawberry soft cream) and the chocolate flavour is ココソフト (cocoa soft […]

Cherry on top

This ice-cream sundae wooden button from Craft World, Namba Parks, is sweet enough to eat. They call sundaes ‘parfaits’ over here, like in France. ‘Parfait’ is French for ‘perfect’, which sounds pretty accurate.