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KitKats of the week – guest review!!

In exciting news, this week’s KitKats were reviewed by an extra special guest! Can you guess which multi-talented food/music/homewares blogger it is? Muscat of Alexandria (above) There is something hilariously grand about this name (you could imagine it as an old sandals-and-swords epic movie starring Charlton Heston) even though it’s a humble grape. The light-green […]

Kyoto Kitty

Kyoto gotochi Kitty looooooooooves matcha (green tea) soft ice-cream, which is super popular in the city of temples, shrines and traditional zen gardens.

No funny Biz

To be honest, Biz had me at “For your lucky time, have some biz!” but I was also intrigued by the flavour; green tea and red bean. It’s based on the refreshing, traditional summer dessert Kakigori Matcha Azuki (green-tea shaved ice topped with red beans and condensed milk). This blog has some good info about […]

Go green

Matcha (powdered green tea) is famous for its use in tea ceremonies and is the strongest tasting green tea because you drink the actual tea leaves. It’s also one of the most popular flavours of ice-cream, cookies, milkshakes and McFlurries in Japan, right up there with strawberry and chocolate. This new Crunky flavour is Matcha […]