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Guitar hero

It’s Rock Hello Kitty! She’s joined a KISS cover band and turned into a rock chick for this Gotochi charm, from the ‘rare Hello Kitty’ store in Osaka Ko. Right now Kitty is also starring in a very catchy and super-cute TV commercial for an insect repellant called Pokemuhi. PS Did you know you can […]

Bathing beauty

Even Hello Kitty needs ‘me’ time. This Gotochi charm features Kitty fresh out of the bathtub in her blushing best.

Cat power

Hello Kitty gets around a lot. From Hokkaido to Shikoku, you’ll see Gotochi  charms of her dressed in the region’s traditional clothes, eating the local specialties and performing the area’s long-established customs. There is a Gotochi charm for every prefecture or area in Japan (there are thousands in total, making it a dangerous addiction). So far I have a kimono-clad […]