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America Mura snap

Ame-Mura (American village) is one of the funnest areas of Osaka. I heard about it before I came here, when reading my friend Mads from Lovegeek‘s visa application to live in Japan! She mentioned it’s a hang for Osaka teenagers who want to feel like they live in America. It has American-style restaurants, hip-hop music […]

Harajuku girls

SPUR and FRUITS are mags for the oshare (fashion conscious). Here are some “snap” (street style pictures) via FRUITS.

Super kawaii!

Full of anime/manga addicts dressed up in colourful costumes, Nipponbashi Den Den Town (electronics town) was the funnest place to be today for its annual Street Festival. For heaps more pics, see my Flickr.

Teddy bear chic

In America Mura, Osaka.