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Sweet hearts

In my two days in Seoul, I saw (and, okay, ate) about a gazillion heart-shaped donuts, cakes, brownies, cookies, honeycomb lollipops… everything was heart-shaped! Koreans love kawaii things (there is a Korean fashion label called “Teenie Weenie Bear” which features a tiny teddy bear imprint, like the Lacoste crocodile, on every item of clothing). The […]


These donut themed tape dispensers are a must-have for any sweet-toothed stationary addict. Available in caramel, strawberry and vanilla flavours. Warning: may cause serious Mister Donut/Krispy Kreme/Donut King cravings.

Mmm… Mister Donut

If you like your donuts as deep-fried as KFC, Mister Donut is not for you. Japan’s ichiban (no. 1) donut provider serves up donuts so light and fluffy they taste kinda like whipped air. Maybe this is why customers heap donuts onto their trays till they’re higher than Mt Fuji. My current faves include French […]