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Have your cake and win it

Osaka, Japan: When Charlotte told me she’d found a skill tester machine for cakes, I was excited, but not anywhere near as excited as I would have been if I’d known what was in store (I pictured a lone machine with a few pre-packaged cakes inside, nothing like the baked cheesecakes above – yours with […]

Plastic fantastic

I love plastic food! Here is a mango parfait, strawberry parfait and purin parfait (creme caramel) from a cafe in Namba Walk. And some delicious looking shaved ice desserts.

The waffle sand

Fruit-and-ice-cream-filled crepes are huge in Japan, but one cafe in the MIO shopping mall in Tennoji decided there was room on the market for another cream, fruit and pastry-based concoction: The Waffle Sand. (Sometimes in Japan they say ‘sand’ instead of ‘sandwich’.) Take one freshly griddled waffle, fill with strawberries, strawberry jam and strawberry sauce, […]

Spring chickens

Cakes decorated as chickens and bunnies to celebrate spring, from the food level of Hanshin Department store in Umeda, Osaka.

Pocky perfection

Strawberry Pocky is one thing, but Strawberry Shortcake Pocky Dessert is entirely another. The Dessert range is like the equivalent of a Double Coat Tim Tam, taking the popular chocolate sticks to a whole new level. Triple-coated in white chocolate, then drizzled with rich strawberry chocolate, they are perfect for dessert, breakfast, anytime…