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Toy storey

I have so many tiny toys from Japan and they all need places to hang out. So tonight while I was waiting for friends to come around I arranged my favourite mini toys into display shelves (with various ‘storeys’). A lot of them are erasers – the pink ice-cream cone, sandwich and colourful characters are […]

Hello happy

Oh, I love Hello Happy bakery in Strathfield. Whenever I go past, they have something adorable in their window. Last night they had snowmen (I love the tilted hats) and a range of super bright and colourful cakes. In the end we just chose gingerbread, which was spiced to perfection 🙂

Korean cookies

I can’t handle how cute these cookies are. They’re from Korea and they’re called Kancho – they are little round cookies filled with chocolate (a bit like Hello Panda). My friend Albina says they’ve been around ever since she was little. They are themed around LOVE. Each cookie has a cute print on it. I […]

Osaka snap

These two kawaii girls were walking around Namba, Osaka, a few weeks ago, working candy-pop brights and cute accessories! Loved the Reebok Freestyles with sweet rainbow laces. Bright and fun Reeboks were super popular in Osaka, I saw sunshine-yellow, bubblegum-pink, mint-green, lilac and sky-blue, and they made outfits look so cute 🙂

Happy Monday

Here is a cupcake that my friend Nik drew for Pretty Pretty Yum Yum (yes, a boy who likes Hello Kitty). Kawaii desu ne???? Arigato gozaimashita 🙂

Gunji Yusuke

When I was in Tokyo, I visited Harajuku’s cool WALL store at LaForet. Inside the shop there was a young guy wearing a backpack talking to a group of friends. Meanwhile, I noticed the staff unpacking a cute new zine so I asked how much it was. They said to wait a minute, coz the […]