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Anpanman can

Anpanman must be one of the coolest superheros ever – his head is an anpan (bread roll filled with red bean jam) and he helps people who are starving or in danger by letting them eat part of his head. Along with his sidekicks Shokupanman (sliced white bread man) and Chizu (cheese), Anpanman is part of […]

If the world had cookies

The kawaii cutters I bought on eBay from Shop Sukiyaki to make teddy bear sandwich bentos came in handy the other day when I made shortbread cookies. For these type of cookie cutters, there are two parts to the process. Take the Hello Kitty variety. First, use one of the parts to make the impression […]

In a while, crocodile

Animal cookies called Kidorikko, made by snack company Bourbon.

Snack happy

Smiley-face ‘sable’ cookies by Morinaga. Sable is a French butter cookie made with flour, sugar, butter and hard-boiled egg yolks. They are famously crumbly, which is how they got their name – sable is French for ‘sand’.

Raspberry bouquet

Shortbread cookies topped with raspberry meringue from Reve de Chef Patisserie, Namba, Osaka. .