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Sayonara sakura

The last of spring’s cherry blossoms have fallen, as evidenced by the green leaves on the cherry trees and petals floating down canals and rivers in Kyoto. But sakura-flavoured products are still alive and well, like this cherry-blossom scented Hello Kitty TP, decorated with pink blossoms and a winking Hello Kitty.

Sakura Saturday

Cherry blossom cakes from Hanshin department store, Umeda. Shortbread cases filled with cherry-blossom cream, decorated with delicate pink chocolate ‘petals’.

Sakura Sunday

Sorry I missed Sakura Saturday ! It was thanks to a mishap involving a pink cherry-blossom cream cake from Takashimaya, my bicycle basket and a few bumps on the ride home. Instead, these are cherry blossom buns from a bakery, filled with sakura mochi (sweet sticky rice) and decorated with a cherry blossom flower.

Sakura Saturday

Perfect for taking to hanami parties (cherry blossom viewing), sakura chuhai (an alcopop made from shoju).