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Hello happy

Oh, I love Hello Happy bakery in Strathfield. Whenever I go past, they have something adorable in their window. Last night they had snowmen (I love the tilted hats) and a range of super bright and colourful cakes. In the end we just chose gingerbread, which was spiced to perfection 🙂

Don’t bake it, make it

Many Japanese apartments don’t have ovens. One way to ‘get baking’ at home is by picking up a sewing needle and buying a felt ‘cake-baking’ kit from a craft store. You can make macaroons, Mont Blanc cakes, donuts, waffles, pancakes, strawberry shortcakes… cakes almost as cute as the plush made by My Paper Crane. I […]

Spring chickens

Cakes decorated as chickens and bunnies to celebrate spring, from the food level of Hanshin Department store in Umeda, Osaka.