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Pan-tastic 2

Last time they had the turtle melon roll, and now at the cutest pan-ya (bakery) in Osaka you can find the teddy bear pan (bread roll)… the panda cake… and the chocora neko (chocolate cat). Every time you visit this place they have a few cute surprises. It’s in Osaka Umeda station, in between the […]

Let us eat cake

French gateaux are mecha (very, very) popular in Japan, and none more so than a chestnut cream cake called a monburan (Mont Blanc). Named after the highest mountain in France, the original version consists of a mini sponge cake topped with chestnut cream, then covered in strands of chestnut puree until it’s as high as […]

Sakura Saturday

Cherry blossom cakes from Hanshin department store, Umeda. Shortbread cases filled with cherry-blossom cream, decorated with delicate pink chocolate ‘petals’.

Aren’t we cute?

A rainy day at work was cutened up considerably when my workmate Charlotte (who lists ‘cake’ as her favourite food) ran over to my desk with an exciting discovery. “There’s a new vending machine downstairs. It’s a CAKE VENDING MACHINE!” [deep breath] “And the cakes have ANIMAL FACES ON THEM!” Just when I thought vending […]

Sweet hearts

In my two days in Seoul, I saw (and, okay, ate) about a gazillion heart-shaped donuts, cakes, brownies, cookies, honeycomb lollipops… everything was heart-shaped! Koreans love kawaii things (there is a Korean fashion label called “Teenie Weenie Bear” which features a tiny teddy bear imprint, like the Lacoste crocodile, on every item of clothing). The […]

Don’t eat me, I’m an eraser!

With all the crazy-cute, almost-edible stationery around, it’s impossible not to collect things like food-themed erasers.