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At Cafe JoJo, near Yotsubashi station, Osaka, you can choose one of these designs for the top of your cappuccino or mochaccino. The bottom middle one is a rabbit pounding mochi (in the moon). It’s what Japanese people see when they look at the moon. Bottom right is Totoro from Studio Ghibli. I went yesterday […]

Mini mini

Mini things are cuter than giant things. I’m totally addicted to bitesize 15 yen chocolates by Tirol and animal shaped erasers from the 100 yen store. Mini is big in Japan. There is even a real estate company here called Mini Mini.

Aren’t we cute?

A rainy day at work was cutened up considerably when my workmate Charlotte (who lists ‘cake’ as her favourite food) ran over to my desk with an exciting discovery. “There’s a new vending machine downstairs. It’s a CAKE VENDING MACHINE!” [deep breath] “And the cakes have ANIMAL FACES ON THEM!” Just when I thought vending […]