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Flower of the week

I’m loving having crimson roses around the house this week. One little bunch goes a long way.

A new spin

Last Saturday morning my friend Albina got me out of bed with the message ‘Want to come to my friend’s exhibit in the city? It’s a fantastic collection of handmade spinning tops!” She explained that her friend, Tokyo-based artist Shirley Cho, asked family and friends around the world to draw their dream spinning top and […]

Dear Santa/Kris Kringle

Pretty prints and paper goods are top of my Christmas wish list this year, like Handmade Love‘s delectable Chocolate Cream Pie illustration, $20 on her Etsy page. And until Christmas the Melbourne artist is offering a free print with every order! I am also loving prints by LA-based Pop Pop Portraits, like Best Mochi Friends, […]

The time is right

A good philosophy to live by, courtesy of Bean and Chris on their trip to Korea earlier this year. At first I thought it was a cute plastic bracelet that looks like a watch but after wearing it a few days I realised it’s more than that. Every time I went to check the time, […]

Play your cards right

Ben and I played cards the other night with my My Neighbour Totoro playing cards. I had forgotten just how cute they are. I love Mei-chan! And Satsuki! And of course, Totoro! I bought them in Japan but there are heaps of websites selling them. 🙂 Kabaya “Saku saku panda” chocolate-dipped cookies make the perfect […]

Cover lover

I don’t usually buy Vogue Australia but I am in love with their October cover in all its pretty-in-pink glory. The model is a 17-year-old from the Sunshine Coast called Codie Young. She has braces, which is why she doesn’t really smile. The photographer was Nicole Bentley and the fashion editor was Meg Gray, who […]