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KitKat Framboise

Milk chocolate KitKat with a raspberry-cream and ‘natural cheese’ filling, to replicate the flavour of a raspberry cheese cake. I couldn’t really taste the cheesecake part (on the pack it says it’s 1.7% natural cheese) but the raspberry flavour is intense and delicious! Love 🙂

KitKat haul

Lovely Meg emailed me this shot of some new KitKats she has tried — Aloe Yogurt (a collaboration with a beauty company called TBC, it contains collagen, aloe and yogurt), Semisweet, Framboise and Bitter Almond (another collaboration with TBC, it contains dark chocolate and almonds). She says, “I thought I should buy Aloe Yoghurt because […]

Milk coffee KitKat

Yummy Milk Coffee KitKat from my friends in Japan. One of the prettiest KitKat packagings I’ve seen, thanks to all the cherry blossoms. It’s not sakura flavoured, though. The pink fabric is from a 100-yen store. Milky coffee / white chocolate coating, with a stronger coffee flavoured cream between the wafers. A good coffee / […]

Sparkling good times

One of the treats I received from my friends in Japan was Sparkling Strawberry KitKat! I was very excited to try it as I believe Japan’s candy engineers excel in strawberry flavoured things. (Case in point: strawberry Pocky / happy strawberry crunky / strawberry Dessert Pocky) The question is… will this strawberry flavoured delight live […]

Jolly good

Royal Milk Tea is a ready-made milky tea drink that’s so popular in Japan. It tastes like tea with milk but it’s very sweet and a bit spicy, like chai. I loved buying it chilled in bottles from vending machines. When my friend Asha came to Japan she developed such an addiction to it that […]

Pudding part deux

While on the subject of the Japanese obsession with purin (pudding/creme caramel), this KitKat Purin was one of the first cool KitKats I tried in Japan, in May 2008.