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Kitty in the city

Guess who else was in New York while i was there? This 6-metre-high Hello Kitty was created by artist Tom Sachs two years ago for his outdoor art exhibition. According to NY mag, he didn’t ask Sanrio for permission! He said, “Hello Kitty is so much a part of our popular culture, I don’t think […]

Vintage Sanrio

Did you know that Hello Kitty’s been around since 1974? This means she’s turning 35 this year! The kawaii kitty was one of Sanrio‘s first characters. She lives in London, England, with her parents and twin sister Mimmy and weighs the same as three apples. Hello Kitty haters (like the guy behind Hello Kitty Hell) […]

Hard Rock Kitty

Right now in Osaka there’s a Hard Rock Cafe x Hello Kitty collaboration! (Unfortunately, no Kitty hamburgers or hot fudge sundaes, but lots of cute Kitty merchandise.) PS thanks everyone for all the Hello Kitty presents for my bday last week! The sunglasses are a special limited edition Hello Kitty pair from my friend Fujie, […]

Momiji manju

Arigato to my friend Chiaki, who brought me a Hello Kitty o-miyage (souvenir) from Miyajima! Miyajima is famous for three things – friendly deer, a floating red torii gate called Itsukushima (one of the ‘top three sights in Japan’) and momiji manju (maple leaf-shaped cakes filled with red bean paste). The Hello Kitty momiji manju […]

Sushi in Japan 2

Some more popular Japanese sushi names that are handy to know when visiting Japan. You also see bentos, onigiri (rice balls) and other snacks made of ikura, tako, ebi and ika in convenience stores.

Guitar hero

It’s Rock Hello Kitty! She’s joined a KISS cover band and turned into a rock chick for this Gotochi charm, from the ‘rare Hello Kitty’ store in Osaka Ko. Right now Kitty is also starring in a very catchy and super-cute TV commercial for an insect repellant called Pokemuhi. PS Did you know you can […]