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Adriano Zumbo macaron day 2011

If you’ve ever wondered what $60 of macarons looks like… this is it. I literally planned to spend $30 max at Zumbo’s “Zumboron Day”, but in the frenzy of flavour-choosing, i went OTT. I’m most excited about trying the baklava, custard crunch, gin & tonic, finger bun, PB & J, rice pudding (they had it […]

Patisserie perfect

On Saturday I went to see the delicious movie Patisserie Coin De Rue (part of the Japanese Film Festival). Because we knew the film would make us crave all manner of cakes, tarts and patisserie-style treats, Lee Tran, Ben, Anna and I agreed to a pre-movie dessert date at Azuma Patisserie. I tried their Pistachio […]

Mulberry milkshake

This is my first attempt at creating a post using the wordpress app for iPhone… I am being lazy and blogging from bed instead of walking over to the computer. On Sunday it was about thirty degrees in Sydney so I was easily tempted by this blackboard sign at cafe jen in balmain. Eating mulberries […]

Technicolour treats

Good news for Balmain residents… Adriano Zumbo has opened a patisserie in the Star, so the queues at the Darling St store should fizzle out a bit. Thanks to Lee TranĀ I scored an invite to the recent launch. We felt like we were in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, everywhere we turned there was a […]

Holding out for a hero

I tried a “Hero or Villain” paddle pop over the weekend – and I landed a villain!! Arghh! The flavour is chocolate and orange and it tastes like the yummiest jaffa icecream you could imagine. It’s creamier and softer than a regular Paddle Pop and, controversially, has a Magnum-style stick instead of traditional paddle pop […]

Summer loving

I’ve just had a sneak peek of summer, thanks to a road trip in Queensland, where we snorkelled on the GBR, enjoyed sunny 30-degree days and gorged on luscious tropical fruit before it makes its way south to Sydney… My first mango of the season! We stopped by Bowen, where Baz Luhrman’s Australia was filmed, […]