Bake sale

I got a puppy cupcake and a honey joy from a bake sale at work today. I haven’t had a honey joy since I was six and I forgot how amazing they are. Now I really want to make a batch. How good are old-fashioned treats!


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    The puppy cupcake is darling, though I hate hate food that looks cute or has a face since its so hard to eat then >< I never heard of Honey Joy before this!

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    I am so glad I found your blog again! I read it last year actively, and then stopped for some reason.
    Then I tried to look for it again, but I remembered the name was Pretty Pretty Yummy Yummy, and of course I did not find your blog that way. Put today I saw a link in “supercutekawaii`s” link bar.

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    Pretty Pretty Yum Yum, where are you?

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