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Anpanman must be one of the coolest superheros ever – his head is an anpan (bread roll filled with red bean jam) and he helps people who are starving or in danger by letting them eat part of his head. Along with his sidekicks Shokupanman (sliced white bread man) and Chizu (cheese), Anpanman is part of an anime TV show that’s been hugely popular with kids since 1988.

I picked up the little toy in a convenience store ages ago, but had forgotten about Anpanman until I saw this fantastic cookie, from La Vigne bakery in Eastwood. I love the rosy round cheeks and the fact that it’s made of shortbread so it tastes super yummy as well as being adorable.

There are cool pics of the Anpanman museum in Yokohama here.

This video of him dancing is pretty awesome:

He’s very cute but I think my favourite Japanese character of all time would be Kitty or Rilakkuma. Who’s your fave?


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    I don’t know his actual name, but I have a Sanrio ring of a cute little pink monkey, I call him Etevaldo. I basically haven’t taken it off for 2 and a half years.

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    Rilakuma for sure!

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    Anpanman is cute, but I absolutely adore Rilakkuma! 🙂

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    I had no idea who Anpanman was until I posted a snowdome I had of him on my blog! I was almost pinned to the stake for my ignorance!

    Ha, love the cookie.

  5. benzou
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    Nobody is cooler than Doraemon. A mechanical cat from the future who is sent to the present day through a time travel machine that moonlights as a desk drawer.

    He is sent to save his future family from the devastation caused by one of their ancestors, Nobita. Who is just a lazy boy. Anyway Doraemon’s mission is to turn him into a better student and ensure that he marries well.

    He doesn’t really have any super powers but he does have a pocketo! Which is his pocket to the fourth dimension, out of which come all manner of crazy contraptions including takicopters – paper helicopters that he attaches to his head to fly and doko demo doa – the door to anywhere, just pin it up on a wall and you can go wherever you like.

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