Tiny treats

I love Tirol chocolates because they are bite-size and coz they always come in exciting flavours. When I was in Fukushima I tried “Tiramisu” and “Wine”.

First I tried the tiramisu flavour. I was impressed with the neat layers, the cocoa powder and the coffee-y/liqueur-y scent. Such attention to detail!

Tiramisu translates well into chocolate – it was a great combination!

Next was the wine flavour. Could it compare to the delicious real-life combo of red wine and dark chocolate?

Although the Tirol version turned the wine into a gummy-like jelly, I still enjoyed it.

PS. I suppose the name ‘Tirol‘ comes from the Austrian state, Tyrol, because it is famous for dairy and chocolate ???
Also, the background for these pics is a postcard called “Sweets party” I bought in a shop in Umeda station, Osaka.


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    I love Tirol! &I love your pictures of them!!! 😀 Adorable postcard too. Your backgrounds are always super cute.

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