Dear Santa/Kris Kringle

Chocolate Cream Pie print by Handmade Love

Pretty prints and paper goods are top of my Christmas wish list this year, like Handmade Love‘s delectable Chocolate Cream Pie illustration, $20 on her Etsy page. And until Christmas the Melbourne artist is offering a free print with every order!

Best Mochi Friends, by Pop Pop Portraits

I am also loving prints by LA-based Pop Pop Portraits, like Best Mochi Friends, $16, (above) and Icecream and Rainbow Warriors, $9 (below). She also does a brit-pop tastic Jarvis Cocker illustration.

Icecream and Rainbow Warriors, by Pop Pop Portraits

Circles, by Nikki Catalano

Nikki Catalano draws whimsical adventures starring girls, bunnies and birds. Above is Circles, $25. Below is Girl With Her Bunny Rabbit, $25.

Girl With Her Bunny Rabbit, by Nikki Catalano

A Yoshitomo Nara 2011 diary (below) would also be pretty sweet…. it’s $22.50 at Uguisu. (They have great M-tape too)

And they have paper balloons that you can use to decorate a twig tree !

And I always love Able & Game cards …below is my current favourite, Macarons and Chai Latte $4.

Actually, yes I think I would fancy some macarons… Perhaps the ones below, by Melbourne based PeaPress, $15 on their etsy.

Macaroons, by PeaPress



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    Everything in this post is too adorable! And the Jarvis Cocker print makes me nostalgic for the 90s. 😀

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    Ah-maze! Wow… I hope your Balzac KK sees this in time!

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    so cute…and schucks!

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    I love the Chocolate Cream Pie print – it looks so dreamy!

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    I love the prints by Pop Pop Portraits and the paper balloons. They are gorgeous!!!

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    Just discovered your blog! You post really interesting things ^ ^

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