Beer-A-Misu is tiramisu made boozy with stout instead of liqueur. Friday night was the first time I saw it on a menu (at Balmain’s Royal Oak) but Google tells me it was made famous on the first season of MasterChef. I preferred the addition of chocolatey stout to the super-alcoholic taste of normal tiramisu. BTW did you know tiramisu literally means “pull me up” (tira is pull, mi is me, su is up). So I guess Beeramisu means “beer me up”.

There is a gorgeous and easy recipe for Beeramisu here.


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    I think stout is an excellent alternative to Marsala in tiramisu: it makes it rich without being too cloying to the palate. 😀

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    LOL, this is cute. I didn’t know Tiramisu meant that, that’s so cool! 🙂

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