Icecream Sunday


In celebration of the summery weather now upon us, I’ll be choosing an ‘ice-cream of the week’ every Sunday. This week it’s one scoop of Baklava and one scoop of Orange Blossom, Ricotta and Toasted Pine Nuts from Gelato Messina. They have the best flavours: Banana Bread, Dulce De Leche, Bounty, White Chocolate, Campari & Orange Marmalade, Italian Nougat, Milk Chocolate Brownie… You can follow them on Twitter to hear what’s fresh out of the icecream maker. The Baklava gelato was TDF: a rosewater base with filo pastry, walnuts and honey. The Orange Blossom, Ricotta and Pine Nut is my new favourite though, the orange blossom and ricotta flavour tastes heavenly deliciously creamy and it’s full of crunchy toasted pine nuts. While we were eating, the owner came out and gave us a sample of just-made sour cherry gelato. Meanwhile, a couple sitting out the front were indulging in the 5 scoop tasting plate. Yum.


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    Your blog is awesome. There are so many cute things and its so interesting. Thanks for sharing all the cutesy thins you find.

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    What an awesome idea! You are giving us the scoop on scoops! I’m looking forward to more amazing ice cream flavours like this throughout spring & summer!
    Lee Tran

  3. Sarah
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    When I got there last night they had run out of baklava. Sad. I got Italian Nougat instead because I just wasn’t in an Orange Blossom mood. It was perfection! x

  4. prettyprettyyumyum
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    Hi Katherine, thanks for your lovely comment and link to your blog! 🙂 It’s super-cute! I want to take myself right to that cupcake place in bondi junction and try the white chocolate cupcake.

    Lee Tran, that’s right, it’s the scoop on scoops! Can I use that? lol Basically an excuse to eat a lot of ice-creamy delights.

    Sarah, the Italian nougat looked amazing, it’s next on my list!!!!!

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    Oh wow!!
    You know you’re going to force me to take a trip into Darlinghurst for that Baklava icecream. I can’t resist!
    I was reading in the Good Food Month guide in the SMH on Sat that Perama in Petersham has a caramel baklava icecream! Eeek!!

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    banana bread ICE CREAM????!!! i’m in heaven…….

  7. prettyprettyyumyum
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    A Girl Called e, wow the caramel baklava sounds great too! Baklava must be a new ice-cream trend 🙂

    Adrian G, I know, I can’t wait to try it. He said they just make a banana ice-cream base then add some chunks of banana bread 🙂

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