KitKat comp winner!

Mango pudding KitKat

A huge ARIGATO to everyone who entered the KitKat comp!!!! The responses were totemo tanoshi to dokusouteki (so very fun and creative!!!!) In the end it took a whole judging panel of four KitKat addicts (me, Stef, Fi and Ben) to choose the winner. I wished I had enough prizes for everyone who entered.

The entries all sounded yummy (french toast with maple syrup, mojito, banoffee pie, birthday cake, pancakes and syrup, peanut brittle, cupcake, apple pie, lemon chiffon, mont blanc, coconut, baklava, pop tart, cream sugar, aloe, cream cheese, yogurt, rocky road, fairy bread, bubblegum, blueberry bagel, doughnut, sesame, tea and scones, pumpkin cheesecake, to name a few).

Then there were the out-there flavours (ramen, shiso, gyoza, cereal milk, curry, McDonalds french fry, fish n chips, pepto-bismol, Pez, tempura, fried ice-cream, Mexican hot chocolate with chili, olive oil, sweet onion, wasabi, jello and ice-cream).

The competition asked for the ‘best answer’, which was pretty much an impossible task, coz all the entries were sooooooooo awesome.

Anyway, the judging panel voted, and the winner for the potential new KitKat flavour is………. Chai Latte, posted by Elizabeth. So congratulations Elizabeth! We could all imagine the cinnamon, cloves and creaminess of a Chai Latte translating into a super-oishi KitKat. Please email me your address

Thank you everyone who entered, it was so much fun reading all the entries!! Thanks also to Ben, Stef and Fi for taking on the muzukashii (very difficult) job of choosing the winner. To read all the delicious entries, click here.

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