90210 kewpie


First there was the Spock kewpie, and now there’s the Dylan McKay/Luke Perry kewpie! I picked up this phone charm at Junkudo book store, Namba, Osaka. They made the tiny dolls for only two characters from the original 90210, Dylan and Kelly. This is what the Kelly one looks like.kellyThey also made some movie characters into kewpies (Edward Scissorhands, Rocky, Axel from Beverly Hills Cop, Hannibal Lector, Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday). Check them out here. I so wanted the Edward Scissorhands kewpie! But they were sold out!!! But I think maybe you can buy them from this website.

edward scissorhands kewpie

What’s next, Twilight kewpies?

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