Imagine if eating a cream-filled bun made you smarter. Welcome to the future of snack food in Japan, where brain-boosting DHA is one of the newest ingredients in sweets, cakes and chocolate.


This bun is called Mr Brain Nou Tore Pan (Mr Brain brain-training bread). I bought it from the school cafeteria at the Osaka high school I used to work at. (It was also at conbinis.) It’s linked with the popular Japanese TV show Mr Brain, which stars SMAP hottie Kimura Takuya.


It’s a J-drama about a night club host (KimuTaku) who has an accident, and then he wakes up from a coma to discover he is super smart, so he becomes a neuroscientist. Because of his extra brain-power from the injury (?), he is now a crime-solving genius, so he joins a special police task force and helps solve difficult cases. Here is a Youtube clip with subtitles.


I think the bread is meant to look like a brain. It is filled with DHA-enhanced caramel chocolate cream and whip (top pic). It was quite tasty.


There’s a puzzle on the pack. You need to choose which two fish are the same. Look at the scales, eyes, fins and tail, and find the matching pair. (The answer is underneath the yellow sticker.)


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    Iiiiiiiii can give you gatsby, gatsbeeeeeeeeeee, gatsbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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