KitKat of the week


So the latest KitKat in Japan is Ume Soda (plum soda, a popular summer drink in Japan) but back home in Oz, there are also some cool KitKats on the shelves! The KitKat ‘Chunky’ (another word for ‘supersize’?) is currently in Cookies & Cream flavour.


Here is a macro shot of the filling.


I was pretty surprised when I cut it open. With a lot of the KitKats in Japan, most of the flavour is on the outside, blended with white chocolate or milk chocolate. But with this KitKat, it’s what’s inside that counts. It’s absolutely bursting with cookies and cream filling! And chocolate wafers! It’s pretty amazing, but the cookie taste is super-duper rich. It’s also 65g, compared to original 4-finger’s 45g! According to Nestle, this version has replaced the KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough bar.

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