KitKats of the week – guest review!!


In exciting news, this week’s KitKats were reviewed by an extra special guest! Can you guess which multi-talented food/music/homewares blogger it is?

Muscat of Alexandria (above)
There is something hilariously grand about this name (you could imagine it as an old sandals-and-swords epic movie starring Charlton Heston) even though it’s a humble grape. The light-green coating suggests it will taste a little fruity (perhaps even winey, given that Muscat of Alexandria is bottled as a drop) but it’s just a moreish mish-mash of white chocolate, wafer and that strange creamy/cakey chameleon-like artificial flavouring in Asian confectionery that will make you eat almost anything.


Uji* Matcha (powdered green tea)
This Kitkat hits you like a good strong brew – I LOVE it. Sure, the bitterness of green tea can freak people out, but this is perfect for any matcha tragic like myself. It’s a knockout Kitkat lightened with some micro-sweetness so you don’t squint or squeal or roll your eyes from flavour-intensity. This is a consolation for anyone slumming it through winter right now and if it’s warm where you are, it will almost make you wish for a hot mug, dropped temperatures and a packet of these.

Of course both reviews were written by the amazing Lee Tran Lam from the mouth-watering The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry, Oz music blog Local Fidelity and about 39845573 other projects. Thanks LTL for your inspired reviews 🙂

*Uji 宇治 is a town near Kyoto that makes high quality green tea, and is known as the ‘matcha capital’ of Japan (all of which I had no idea about until my friend James helped me with that kanji. Thanks James).

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