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This week’s KitKat is a very special one! You could even say it’s the ‘Holy Grail’ of Japanese KitKats: Tokyo-only Shoyu (Soy Sauce) KitKat. I first heard about it when my friend Rob sent me a link to the A.V. Club’s KitKat Taste Test (they said it tasted like pancakes, maple syrup and bacon) but alas, it’s for Tokyo KitKat addicts only! (Maybe there’s a store in Osaka that sells KitKats from all over Japan, like the Yokohama Salt & Caramel KitKat or the Hokkaido Baked Potato KitKat but I am yet to find it.) Anyway, a shinkansen trip, shopping expedition to H&M and Forever 21, and avocado-icecream in Harajuku later, voila! Consisting of white chocolate, vanilla wafers and sweet soy sauce cream, Shoyu KitKat tastes like mitarashi dango (sweet soy sauce dumplings); the soy sauce has a caramelised flavour. The verdict: CHO OISHI. (Tokyo speak for ‘very delicious’)

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